Just after the last note of our Easter Service I grabbed my back pack and ran to the van Jan had idling in front of the church. 28 hours later I was in Pakistan starting to record a CD for a church that wanted to keep alive a tradition of singing the Psalms in their native tongue. So we set up a studio in the attic of a house and recorded 10-12 hours a day.  One and a half weeks later I was back with a great recording, a new appreciation for what it means to be a Christian in Pakistan, and some really cool pajamas. Those of you who are visiting this page aready know the story so I'll just post some pictures and some of the music, which still isn't finalized yet, and put a more detailed version of the trip at the bottom of the page. Thanks so much for your prayers in this tough area of the world.

Here's a rough mix of the song written to the words from Psalm 5.

click here to hear Psalm 5 in Punjabi